A Few Friendly Rules Please read carefully and contact us with any queries.

Group Rules and Discipline

Designed to keep everyone safe!

At night, visiting teachers are responsible for the behaviour of their dormitory groups. During activities, all teachers present share the responsibility.

As a general rule, students should not be removed from an activity as a form of punishment. They may be asked to stand aside for a period of time to think about their behaviour and the effect they have on their group. In our experience, taking away free time or allocating additional duties are effective disciplinary actions.

Students behaviour which could result in serious danger to others or themselves, may be excluded from some activities. Schools bringing students with severe emotional or behavioural issues to camp must inform Great Aussie Holiday Park management prior to arrival.

Camp rules and behaviour expectations will be explained to students on arrival. Sound and consistent discipline is the joint responsibility of all staff.


Behaviour at Camp

One of the aims of school camps is for students to learn responsibility for their actions. As camp is considered an extension of the school program, normal school rules apply.

Damage and Loss

Groups are liable for and, at the discretion of the Manager of Great Aussie Holiday Park, may be charged for damage to or loss of camp property and equipment.

Please report any damage immediately to Managers of Great Aussie Holiday Park. Unfortunatley, Great Aussie Holiday Park cannot take any responsibility for the loss or damage to personal property of visiting groups & guests.

Other Guests

There will be other guests staying at Great Aussie Holiday Park. We ask that you please respect their privacy and do not walk through their camp sites or interfere with their personal belongings. Please be mindful that noise travels especially when moving in a group, we therefore ask you to keep noise levels to a minimum.


All activity sessions commence in the Entertainment Area. Please be thoughtful for the rest of your group and ensure you arrive on time for each activity session. If you arrive late for an activity, the session may be cut short and people in the group may miss participating in the activity. Students will be escorted to all activity sites.

Dormitory Cleanliness

Running a dormitory competition has the effect of maintaining good standards of hygiene and cleanliness, as well as developing personal pride and health habits, securing good discipline within the dormitories and reducing the workload involved in the end of camp clean-up. Daily dorm inspections are a necessity and will be conducted by a staff member and visiting teacher.

Rubbish bins are provided in each dormitory and in outside courtyards.

Curfew and Sleep

Students are required to be in their dormitories, ready for bed by 9.30pm with lights out at 10.00pm. Sleep is really important and with the host of planned activities plenty of sleep is required.

Children don’t recognise fatigue in themselves and need persuasion to go to sleep especially on the first night. It is suggested that the staff make frequent checks in the first hour after lights out and insist on absolute quiet. Children are more likely to fall asleep if they are kept quiet and still, out of the boredom if nothing else.

Pocket Money and Valuables

It is suggested to keep pocket money to a small amount. The on-site shop is opened for students at an arranged time on the schedule. A teacher must be in attendance when students are in the shop and will be responsible for managing small groups of students at a time.

We all know the disappointment that can occur when something precious is lost or damaged. To avoid any distress we highly recommend that valuables including small attractive items such as jewellery, mobile phones, disc players, iPods and electronic games are not encouraged at camp. Dormitories are not locked during the day, therefore any valuables should be handed to teachers.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is banned from Great Aussie Holiday Park. Gum is not sold at the onsite shop and we request that it is not consumed on the property.

Care of the Environment

Great Aussie Holiday Park is located in an enjoyable rural area. An abundance of animal, bird and plants are found in the region and we ask that everyone respect the natural environment. Please do not feed or disturb animals, birds or intentionally damage plant life.


Shoes must be worn at all times outside of the dormitories. This includes volley ball and tennis courts and surrounding pool areas.


There are a large number of gates at Great Aussie Holiday Park – to keep animals in and humans out. Please do not enter, open or climb over gates unless instructed by a staff member.

First Aid

Schools must provide their own well equipped medical kit (including resuscitation mask with a one way valve) and trained staff. Great Aussie Holiday Park staff are qualified in First Aid and have back up first aid supplies.

Teacher / Parents

Teachers and parents (under their duty of care responsibilities) are not permitted to use intoxicating substances at any time during the camp.

Smoking is not permitted in any food service areas, accommodation or ablution areas throughout Great Aussie Holiday Park.

Swimming Pool

Provision should be made for safe participation for all students, particularly with regard to the students’ swimming ability. At least one teacher/assisting adult/instructor supervising aquatic activities will hold current standing in one of the following accreditations;

  • The Royal Life Saving Society – Bronze Medallion
  • The Surf Life Saving – Surf Rescue Certificate
  • AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safey Award

Recommended adult per student ratio for water activities should be 1:8


In an emergency, campers can be contacted between 7.30am and 6.00pm on +61 2 6020 3236

Property Address: Great Aussie Holiday Park – 14 Hore Road, Bowna NSW 2644

General Terms and Conditions of Hire

It is the responsibility of each group to ensure that staff, approved parents and students understand the following “Conditions of Hire”. Each group must have a competent leader in charge to liaise with Great Aussie Holiday Park staff. We recommend a ratio of one adult supervisor/teach per ten students (1:10). The group leader is responsible for student supervision at all times. Great Aussie Holiday Park staff and/or sub-contracted outdoor activity providers may instruct, lead, demonstrate or assist in an activity. However, the group leader is deemed responsible for the overall group supervision, safety and first aid. Before participating in any activity at Great Aussie Holiday Park, all participants must sign an Indemnity Agreement Form personally or if under the age of 18 years by a Parent or Guardian.

Arrival / Departure

Groups must not enter the venue prior to the allocated time and must not overstay the allocated departure time. Upon arrival, it is the responsibility of the group leader to conduct an “orientation to camp” briefing session outlining camp rules and safety requirements. It is the responsibility of the Teachers/Leaders in charge to ensure that campers understand and follow the rules and procedures of camp.

Daily Duties

The grounds are to be maintained in a clean condition by staff and students. Caravan and tent camping groups are required to maintain their campsites in a clean and hygienic state. Groups are responsible for serving and clearing of meals, washing and wiping of dishes and general cleaning and tidiness of camp.


All meals are served in the entertainment area. The entertainment area must be left clean after each meal. Staff and students are to supply their own crockery and cutlery and are required to clean their own utensils and meal area after each meal. Dishwashing liquid, washing facilities, cloths, brooms, surface sprays and tea towels are supplied for this purpose.

Accommodation - Maximum Room Numbers

For the health and safety of the hire group, the numbers of teachers/approved adults and students sleeping per room must not exceed the number of beds. Great Aussie Holiday Park staff inspects accommodation, prior to occupancy and an inventory is completed. Accommodation is inspected again by Great Aussie Holiday Park staff prior to departure with a member of the teaching staff present. Any costs associated with damage or replacing absent property will be invoiced to the school/group organisation. Students must tidy and evacuate accommodation before the departure inspection commences.

Emergency Procedures

Great Aussie Holiday Park emergency procedures comply with DET policy on Emergency Management. Emergency procedures and evacuation plans are strategically posted throughout the park and will be referred to by staff during the “orientation to camp”. It is the responsibility of the Teacher in Charge to brief any subsequent arrivals, including day visitors, on these and all other safety aspects and general conditions of camp. Great Aussie Holiday Park also complies with the DET’s specific requirements of residential camps and is fitted with regularly maintained: fire extinguishers, fire hoses, smoke detectors, emergency lighting and illuminated exit signs.

No fires may be lit on the property without the consent of Great Aussie Holiday Park Management. Total fire bans must be strictly observed.

Vehicles and Parking

All vehicle parking is strictly at the owner’s risk and only in designated car parking areas. Heavy vehicles and buses are to use designated “hard turning” and “drop off” areas clearly marked. Speed limits are posted throughout the property and are strictly enforced.

Alcohol and Smoking

Teachers and parents (under their duty of care responsibilities) are not permitted to use intoxicating and/or illegal substances at any time during the camp. Smoking is prohibited on site.

Food and Drink

Food, including lollies and drinks, except water, are not to be consumed in the dormitories.

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