Adventure-based Activities! Lots of fun in outdoor learning spaces
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Adventure-based learning

This is a series of group activities and games, designed to improve personal development and group co-operation skills. It involves games where group co-operation determines the outcome, group problem solving exercises, and exercises that develop trust between group members.

school camps nsw ropes course
The Ropes Course

The ropes course is part of the adventure based learning concept and is a series of challenging group and individual activities, to further develop group co-operation, improve self esteem and develop problem solving skills. This activity is run by our staff.

school camps nsw orienteering
Orienteering Course

Junior Mystery Orienteering

Encourages the kids to participate as a group using skills in map reading, writing and problem solving. We have a large course where the children find and answer questions left at each check point.

Senior Orienteering

Using the coordinates marked out on the map they are to plan and make their way to each check point (checkpoints may be very hard to find as they are hidden under or within false rocks and canisters spread out around the course) using the map only, this is a complex course that requires concentration and observation, students find this very rewarding when completed.

school camps albury nsw
Disc Golf

Disc golf is heaps of fun and is just what the name suggests. We have a nine-hole course where the objective is to throw a special Frisbee from the tee and get it in the basket with the least number of throws. As you go around the course the strangest obstacles seem to appear… This activity is run by our staff with teacher assistance.

school camps nsw archery

This activity provides exposure to new recreational skills, and is a very popular Park Activities. This helps develop self discipline and safety skills. Teacher assistance is required.

school camps nsw flying fox
Flying Fox

Be prepared for some serious fun! An exhilarating ride for all that takes your breath away. A challenging activity for all ages. Great for personal confidence and development and is loads of fun. This activity is run by our staff.

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The Rockwall

Rockwall Climbing and Abseiling

A specialised activity that requires instruction by a qualified staff member. The 10 metre abseil wall offers a challenge to encourage individuals to break new boundaries and create new adventure based experiences. Creates group members to support, inspire and encourage each other.

Bush Hut Building

Get back to nature and build a bush hut. A great team challenge for children to work together and create a structure made from sticks & rope. The ultimate challenge is for the team to fit in the hut together without it falling down!

school camp activities nsw
Animal Feeding

Experience the enjoyment of assisting a park staff member feed the animals in the animal nursery. We have alpacas, deer, goat, sheep, kangaroos, ducks, geese & chooks.

Raft Building

A great team building activity. Students are put into groups and provided with various objects to build a raft that successfully floats. This activity is held on the banks of Lake Hume and requires team work and thought processes for design and functionality. Teacher supervision is required.

Barrels of Fun

Another great team building activity held on the banks of Lake Hume. This requires team participation, speed and the desire to have fun. Students fill up buckets of water and pour it into a barrel with a pipe at the top and a balloon. The water in the barrel creates pressure to blow up the balloon. The team that pops their balloon first is the winning team. There is a twist… there are holes in the barrels. This activity is run by our staff with teacher assistance. Students will get wet and muddy.


Participants will experience canoeing off the shores of Lake Hume. All our sessions are run on flat water from primary school beginners through to advanced sessions for seniors. Canoeing is fun and helps develop water confidence, team work, balance & general co-ordination.

Obstacle Course

Go Commando!! Try your commando skills and race against the other teams on our obstacle course to reach the end without spilling a drop. Good fun & develops great team work.

Recreational Bush Track

Welcome to our Recreation Bush Track – Take a walk along the 2200m fully formed track . 80% of this track is reasonably level to slightly undulating with 3 steeper sections. Take in the beautiful scenery, see the Lake from a whole new perspective. Enjoy the natural features, including the open country landscape. For all nature enthusiasts there is abundant wild life & bird life that reside on this side of the hill.

Free Time Activities

This is a free time activity and a great way to finish end the day.

Swimming Pool, Water Spray Park, Jumping Pillow, Playground, Tennis & Games Room

Games room items, balls & tennis rackets are available at reception. Teachers are required to supervise.

Try your luck at fishing from the banks of Lake Hume. Relax surrounded by views Lake Hume has to offer. We can provide rods and bait can be purchased at kiosk.

The above activities are conducted as sessions, usually 3-4 sessions daily. This may vary depending on the number of students participating and amount of time at camp.

We have a kiosk, so children may purchase items in the shop such as lollies, chips & ice creams. This is at the discretion of the school.


We can provide a full cultural experience for your school, half day or full day by “Bundyi Aboriginal Cultural Experience”. This includes learning indigenous games, indigenous history/culture with a powerpoint presentation, language and dance experience.

* There is an additional cost to this experience and price is on a per camp basis.

Bonegilla Migrant Experience
Bandiana Army Museum
Holbrook Submarine & Museum
Henty Museum

* These off camp field trips would be additionals costs, we can tailor a package to your requirements.

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