Adventure-based Activities! Lots of fun in outdoor learning spaces

The below activities are conducted as sessions, usually 3-4 sessions daily. The number of sessions may vary depending on how many students are participating and length of time at camp.

Our Australian History and Cultural Programs emphasise Early Australian history and Indigenous history studies. Mix and match your experiences and tailor a package to meet your outcomes.

Here at Great Aussie school camps the rain will not dampen your camp experience! There are several indoor spaces that allow us to conduct some indoor activities.

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We have a kiosk, so children may purchase items in the shop such as lollies, chips & ice creams. This is at the discretion of the school.

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Adventure Based Learning (ABL)

ABL is a series of group activities that are designed to improve personal development, strengthen relationships and provide an opportunity for reflection.

Each session cannot be entirely pre-planned and each follow-up activity within the session is determined based on the group and its trust, connection and readiness to move further away from their comfort zone.

ABL is a great way to form connections within the group and the program options are endless. We can tailor an experience that runs for one hour or 2 days and anywhere in between depending on the needs and desired outcomes of the group.

ABL is a great way for corporate groups to get to know each other and strengthen relationships.

Low Ropes

The low ropes course is part of the adventure based learning concept. It requires the participants to work through a series of challenging group and paired activities such as:

Spiderweb: As a group, the participants need to cooperate and pass each team member through the web without touching it. Each space can only be used once.

Cable walk: In pairs, the participants take turns in balancing along the cable. The aim is to walk through the balance course using the ropes as support. This activity requires lots of perseverance and commitment.

Swinging over piranhas- This takes core strength and encouragement from teammates. Swing over the Amazon and land on the island. How many participants can fit on the island without falling off? Strategy and cooperation are key.

Plank shuffle- This is a team activity. Two teams race each other down the track across stepping stones using only two wooden planks. No-one can touch the ground. A great activity to highlight the importance of cooperation.

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Orienteering and Geocaching

Junior Mystery Orienteering

Encourages the participants to cooperate as a group using skills in map reading, writing and problem-solving. The participants need to use the map to move around the park as a group and read and answer as many questions as they can in the allocated time frame.

Senior Orienteering

Using the coordinates marked out on the map participants are to plan and navigate their way to each checkpoint and find a cache. Caches may be very hard to find as they are hidden under or within false rocks and canisters spread out around the course.

Inside each cache is a card with codes on it. The participants need to use the letters and number on the map to decipher the codes and solve the hidden message. This is a complex course that requires, teamwork, concentration and observation.

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Disc Golf

Disc golf is heaps of fun and is just what the name suggests. We have a nine-hole course where the objective is to throw a special Frisbee from the tee and get it in the basket with the least number of throws. As you go around the course the strangest obstacles seem to appear… This activity is run by our staff with teacher assistance.

school camps nsw archery

This activity provides exposure to new recreational skills and is a very popular Park Activity. This activity helps develop self-discipline, patience and safety awareness.

school camps nsw flying fox
Flying Fox

Be prepared for some serious fun! An exhilarating ride for all that takes your breath away. A challenging activity for all ages. Great for personal confidence and development and is loads of fun.

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The Rockwall

Rockwall Climbing and Abseiling

A specialised activity that requires instruction by a qualified staff member.

The 10-metre Rockwall is a rewarding experience. It promotes challenge and encourages individuals to break new boundaries. The participants are offered the challenge to climb up to the top of the wall, ring the bell and then move into the abseil position to be lowered back down.

It requires the students to use their focus and listening skills during our safety briefing and then apply those instructions to the activity. It is also a great opportunity for group members to support, inspire, encourage and praise each other.

Bush Hut Building

Get back to nature and build a bush hut.

The activity starts out with some survival scenarios. This creates a great opportunity for group discussion and problem-solving.

The participants then have the opportunity to learn basic lashings in order for them to successfully create a sturdy structure. The participants then break into two groups and work together to create a bush hut.

This is a great team challenge that encourages children to work together and ends with a visual representation of their group achievement.

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Animal Feeding

Experience the enjoyment of assisting a park staff member feed the animals in the animal nursery. We have alpacas, deer, goat, sheep, kangaroos, ducks, geese & chooks.

Raft Building

This activity is run on the bank of our park dam. The aim is for the group to successfully build a floating raft with the objects provided. Students are put into groups and provided with various objects to build a raft that successfully floats.

The participants are provided with some examples of basic lashings to assist them with their structure. This activity requires teamwork and encourages the group to think about and discuss design and functionality.

The group then gets the opportunity to test the buoyancy of their raft and make adjustments as needed.

Barrels of Fun

This activity is run on the bank of our park dam. This requires team participation, speed and the desire to have fun.

Students fill up buckets of water and pour it into a barrel. As the barrel fills with water a pin rises up the pipe toward the balloon. The students need to fill the barrel and create enough pressure for the pin to pop the balloon. Each barrel has many holes in it so the team needs to work together and block the holes to stop the water leaking out.

This activity is run by our staff with teacher assistance. Students will get wet and muddy.


Participants will experience canoeing on flat water on our park dam. All sessions are tailored to suit the experience of the group.

Canoeing is a great way to focus on teamwork, cooperation and communication. It allows participants to develop water confidence, balance & general co-ordination.

Beginner groups learn basic strokes and manoeuvres.

Intermediate groups are introduced to more complex canoe strokes and given the opportunity to then practice and apply them.

Each group then participates in some canoe challenge games that create lots of fun and laughter.

Obstacle Course

Go Commando!! Try your commando skills and take part in a relay race against the other teams on our obstacle course. Try to get around the course carrying a cup of water without spilling it.

This activity and its many variations create a lot of fun and suspense.

Recreational Bush Track

Welcome to our Recreation Bush Track. The track distance from reception and back is a total distance of 3.6km. Alternatively yo,u can drive from reception to the track gate and back making the total walking distance 2.2km.

Eighty percent of this track is reasonably level to slightly undulating with 3 steeper sections. Take in the beautiful scenery, see the Lake from a whole new perspective. Enjoy the natural features, including the open country landscape.

For all nature enthusiasts there is abundant wild life & bird life that reside on this side of the hill.

Free Time Activities

Free time activities are a great way to finish the day. Free time activity options include:

Swimming Pool, Water Spray Park, Jumping Pillow, Playground, Tennis & Games Room.

Games room items, balls & tennis rackets are available at reception. Teachers are required to supervise.

Try your luck at fishing from the banks of Lake Hume. Relax surrounded by the views that Lake Hume has to offer. Bait can be purchased at reception.


We can provide a full historical and/or cultural experience for your school.

Our camp programs are full of adventure and designed to be inclusive, challenging, hands-on, fun and educational. Each of our school camp programs is tailored depending on the age of the group, skill set and desired objectives.

The curriculum emphasises Early Australian history and Indigenous history studies. Mix and match your experiences and tailor a package to meet your outcomes.

The days are filled with a range of activities to ensure even the most active participants stay engaged. Our trained and experienced team work with you to provide the best possible experience for both the participants and organisers.

We have purpose-built dormitory accommodation with a private and central courtyard meeting space, including cooking facilities and an eating/seating area. Your camp program can be fully catered for with delicious meals planned and prepared by our camp kitchen staff.

Ask for a quote that includes travel, accommodation, food and activities of your choice.

Check with your State Government regarding funding options for students participating in Indigenous activities.

Beechworth Gaol - Reward
History and Culture

History and Culture

As part of our History and Culture Camp Program you can choose from a range of historical and cultural activities:

  • Beechworth Historic Courthouse (re-enact Ned Kelly’s trial)
  • Burke Museum
  • Ned Kelly Vault (sub-treasury)
  • Telegraph Station
  • Bilsons Cordial Factory
  • Honey Experience
  • Pat Doyle Historical Tour
  • Beechworth Gaol Tour
  • Holbrook Woolpack Inn Museum
  • Holbrook National Museum of Australian Pottery
  • Jindera Pioneer Museum
  • Wymah Museum and Wymah Ferry
Wall of residents at Bonegilla
Migrants and Military

Migrants and Military

  • Bonegilla Migrant Experience
  • Bandiana Army Museum
  • Holbrook Submarine and Museum
Indigenous Didges playing
Indigenous Culture

Indigenous Culture

Encourages the participants to better understand our Indigenous history and culture.

  • Welcome/Acknowledgement of Country
  • Wiradjuri History and Geography
  • Indigenous Flags
  • Discussion and Performance of Didges (Yidaki)
  • Making of Gulaman’s Coolamons
  • Making of Cultural Weapons
  • Teach Wiradjuri Language
  • Basket Weaving
  • Painting and traditional signs and artwork
  • Didge Dances
  • Career Paths
Submarine at Howlong
Local Museums

Local Museums

A program where participants learn about, compare and experience the history of various regional towns.

  • Jindera Pioneer Museum
  • Holbrook Submarine Museum
  • Wymah Museum


Old Beechworth Gaol
Beechworth Honey
Bonegilla Migrant Experience
Bandiana Army Museum
Holbrook Submarine & Museum
Henty Museum


* These off camp field trips would be additionals costs, we can tailor a package to your requirements.

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